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Values and Operational

We do what we say


Today, the administration of any business activity is complex without taking into account the multiple factors involved in it: financing, relationships between partners and their families, purchase management, protection and legal advice, tax and cost optimization, administration, operational accounting, and so on.

Thus, from CSB Asesores de Empresa, we put at your disposal 28 years of experience in which we have learned much from the success and conflicts of our clients, and an expert team of professionals who address their needs in a coordinated manner. Our professional DNA is formed by the real experience in national and multinational companies, in their direct and implied management, which places us in a philosophy of realistic and practical action.

As a whole, they are elements and variables that influence the result and that are usually related to each other, but of which, individually, none of us can be experts in a global way. It is therefore necessary a multidisciplinary work, external by its objectivity, which provides a complementary vision to that of the client.

CSB Method


1. The customer

At CSB Asesores de Empresa, we have been able to achieve levels of service that our clients value and recognise, but it is only thanks to them that it has been possible to maintain continuous evolution and development since 1991.

Today, consolidated in our function, confident in being able to provide an adequate level of solutions and services, we face a new future with the baggage of acquired experience.

Based on this experience, there is a common denominator that we have verified during all this time: each client is unique and individual, each client is convinced that their activity is the most complex, the hardest. And it’s true, each one of them needs a specific attention. Our success will be based on understanding their peculiarities and needs.

2. Business Situation Analysis

Business Situation Analysis is a working methodology that the best business schools apply and teach to their students.

Its purpose is to know in detail, something that is often ignored, and that are all those parameters of the client that constitute their business reality, their strengths and abilities, their conflicts and risk elements, and all this evaluated at 360 º by different professionals in each of their areas of experience.

Once this methodology has been applied, we will already be in a position to plan the different actions and decision making to be carried out, giving rise to a specific work plan for your company.

3. Definition of needs

Our organization is prepared to act in the just measure that you need.

Some of the companies we manage entrust us with complete outsourcing, we issue their invoices, we collect from their clients and pay their suppliers, we manage their accounting, taxation and labour relations, we participate in their advice… in short, we are just one more member of the organisation.

That way, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. Adapting to each situation. We are flexible in benefit of the result, and demanding in our obligations.

In other cases we only advise, or only perform some of the functions that we are able to provide.

4. Specific offer

We have heard Fernando Cerqueira on countless occasions say that “At CSB we have never lost a customer for a price”. And this one is verifiable.

At CSB Asesores de Empresa we will value our fees fairly, since a price is not expensive or adequate, cannot be explained or it is possible to do so. This is the reality.

Your economic offer will be considering that we do not issue invoices for isolated services that are produced in the development of the attention of your necessities, thus, the periodic amount that is proposed to you will not suffer alterations in the exercise. Only legal interventions, or expenses attended in your name, will be invoiced additionally.

5. Implementation

According to the terms of collaboration, this will be carried out in the way you define:

  • Presence in any of its facilities

  • In any of our offices: Barcelona, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Sant Andreu de Llavaneres and Madrid.

  • On remote

We have clients in different points of the national territory, not being in any case a problem the physical distance. Another distance will not be possible between your organization and ours.