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  • CSB | Servicios Integrales de Empresa

Fiscal and Labor

Tax advice to companies, groups of companies and individuals

CSB Company Advisors establishes at the beginning of the relationship a specific tax program for each company or individual, taking into account their situation and future development objectives.

Taxation is one of the largest economic items in the activity carried out, therefore, adequate information and decision making is essential for the achievement of the proposed objectives. This monitoring, like the initial advice in the legal formula most appropriate to their interests at the beginning of the activity, are the core of this service. Adequate accounting will allow for greater efficiency in fiscal costs.

  • Advising companies and individuals on the appropriate attention to their tax obligations.

  • The study of the taxation of specific operations, analysing the different alternatives that optimise their fiscal costs. Among others, real estate, insurance, financial, etc..

  • Personal tax planning and succession planning.

  • Representation of our clients before the Administration in case of tax requirements or inspections.

  • Preparation and presentation of appeals and claims before the Tax Administration and the contentious-administrative courts.

  • International tax planning.

  • Tax planning for restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.

  • Drafting of work contracts according to the needs and particularities of your organization. Senior management contracts, exclusivity, non-competition and confidentiality agreements. Study of subsidies and bonuses for hiring.

  • Advice on the different Social Security schemes, framing of partners and administrators.

  • Ongoing information on the applicable Convention, working hours, holidays, misdemeanours and employee sanctions.

  • Layoffs. Defence in legal proceedings that may be brought before the social jurisdiction. Study and preparation of settlements.

  • Representation of the client in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.

  • Assistance before the Labour Inspection and sanctioning procedures.

  • Quotation advice.

  • Preparation of wage receipts and social security.

  • Analysis of the client's compliance with the different labour regulations.

  • Risk prevention.

  • Group insurance.

  • Incentive plans.