Acceso a Clientes



After 25 years of experience, we identify those providers that have been instrumental in the success of the business of our clients.

The management of purchasing or procurement, que podemos proporcionarle alcanza todos aquellos servicios externos distintos de los específicos de su actividad, en los que Ud. mejor que nadie conoce los mejores proveedores. Nuestro ratio de ahorro está entre el 20-25 % en la mayoría de casos.

Experience and personal treatment

Those who have met us know what we mean. Let us meet you to deliver it to you as you deserve it.

Service culture

Our organization works united and as a team in order to offer you the best solutions.


We are talking about proximity in terms of commitment and involvement. New technologies meet the rest.

  • Encerta
  • Intersa
  • CEX
  • Unipharma
  • Worth Broker
  • Massoni
  • GSS Security
  • Vanadys Solutions
  • TAB