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Fiscal and Labor

CSB It sets in the beginning of the relationship a special tax program for each particular company or a particular, considering your situation and future development goals..

Taxation is one of the largest economic items in the developed activity. Therefore, an adecuated information and decision-making is essential to achieve the proposed objectives. This follow-up, as the initial advice on the legal formula more adequated to your interests at the beginning of the activity, are the core of this service. An adequate accounting will allow a greater efficiency in tax costs..


It includes, among others, the following services::

  • The advicement in companies and particulars in the adequated attentions of your tax obligations..
  • The study of the taxation of your punctual operations, analaysing the different alternatives that optimize the tax costs of the operations..
  • Personal tax planning and estate planning .
  • Representation of our clients between the Administration in case of requirements or tax inspections..
  • Preparation and submission of appeals and complaints to the tax authorities and administrative tribunals..
  • International tax planification .
  • Tax planning in restructuring operations , mergers and acquisitions of companies..

Laboral area

It includes, among others, the following services::

  • Drafting of laboral contracts in fuction of the need and particularities in your organization. Senior management contracts, exclusivity covenants, contracts of non-competition and confidentiality. Study of subsidies and bonuses to the recruitment..
  • Advicement on different schemes of Social Security, framework for partners and administrators.
  • Continous information about the implemention convention, working day, holidays, fouls and penalties to the employees..
  • Dismissals. Defence in legal proceedings that may arise front the social courts. Study and preparation of settlements..
  • Representación del cliente en procedimientos, judiciales y extrajudiciales.
  • Assistance in front of Labour Inspection and sanctioning procedures.
  • Advicement in terms of trading.
  • Preparation of salary bills and social insurance.
  • Analysis of the cumpliance - by the client - of the different regulations in the workplace.
  • Risks prevention.
  • Collective insurances .
  • Incentive plannings.

Experience and personal treatment

Those who have met us know what we mean. Let us meet you to deliver it to you as you deserve it.

Service culture

Our organization works united and as a team in order to offer you the best solutions.


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