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Management consulting

The members of C.S. Brokers associate consultants have developed our professional activity in different national and multinational companies before to concentrate our effort on CSB. Therefore, our professionals, in addition to academic training, provide an experience of management real and contrasted..

So, through training and participation in management committees, we provide a support of management, vision and experience, complementary to the operational part of our business and to the experience and knowledge of our clients..

The particularities of a familiar business are our element. We can - and we do - provide an independent, expert and committed vision sharing the decision-making with owner managers and the execution of them. We do not limited on the Council, in fact we act over it. .

Experience and personal treatment

Those who have met us know what we mean. Let us meet you to deliver it to you as you deserve it.

Service culture

Our organization works united and as a team in order to offer you the best solutions.


We are talking about proximity in terms of commitment and involvement. New technologies meet the rest.

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